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If you've followed my instagram account, you might notice that I had a short trip with Anak Super to Singapore. Emang singkat, cuma 3 hari 2 malem, tapi it was totally FUN. Kami uda ngrencanain liburan ini dari bulan Februari. Budget dihitung sedemikian rupa dengan nyisihin uang jajan masing-masing, and thanks God I could help to manage 'em wisely.  Jadi uang yang terkumpul bisa bener-bener dimanfaatin mulai untuk tiket pesawat, makan, tempat tinggal, transportasi bahkan maen Luge dan ke Universal. Read more here.

In English :
If you've followed my instagram account, you might notice that I had a short trip with Anak Super to Singapore. Though it's so quick, 3 days 2 night only, yet it was totally FUN. We already planned this vacation since February. The budget was counted as maximum as possible by set aside our own money, and thanks God I could help to manage 'em wisely.  So it could be allocated on plane ticket, food, accommodation even for playing Luge and went to Universal Studio. Read more here.

Nah, nggak cuma outfit aja yang aku siapin biar bisa tetep terlihat kece selama liburan. Skincare dan make up juga salah satunya. Emang bukan pro yang sampe bawa beauty tools seabrek but still I need fit essentials. 

Daripada ngebawa fondation yang cenderung lebih berat, aku jelas recommend untuk membawa Wardah C-defense DD Cream Light 20ml. Krim ini punya vitamin B3 yang ngebantu kulitku yang putih pucat kayak zombie jadi lebih cerah. Walaupun nggak berjemur seharian kandungan SPF 30-nya bisa ngasih perlindungan ekstra waktu main di area outdoor. Tinggal pakai Wardah C-defense DD Cream Light 20ml setelah pakai pelembab, then voila, you're ready to go!!

Last but not least. A lil' information where to buy this product. Of course Sociolla. Ada diskon Rp 50.000,- untuk minimal pembelian Rp 250.000, hanya dengan enter voucher code SBNLA1DR pada saat check out. Plus setiap pembelanjaan minimal Rp 350.000, aku bisa pilih free sample product.

In English :
Well, I did not only prepare outfit to look cool. Skincare and make up is a MUST. I might not be a pro make up artist and bring many beauty tools, yet I still need fit essentials. 

Rather than bring foundation that tend to be heavy for my face, I recommend to pack up Wardah C-defense DD Cream Light 20ml. This cream has vitamin B3 which brighten my zombie pale skin ( haha..!! ). Though I was not sunbathing, its SPF 30 could give extra protection so I could play safely in outdoor area and not afraid of UV. Just apply Wardah C-defense DD Cream Light 20ml after using moisturizer, then voila, you're ready to go!!

Last but not least. A lil' information where to buy this product. Of course Sociolla. There's IDR 50.000,- discount for minimal purchase 250.000, just by enter voucher code SBNLA1DR on check out. Plus every IDR 350.000, you might pilih free sample product.

P.S. Check out for Makeup Asia for your reference..


  1. This is really sounds like a great weeked! Love your outfit as well!

  2. Ah, USS! It's been two years since the last time I went there.
    You and your friends seem like enjoying this trip so much, as I saw from diaryanaksuper blog! ;)
    Keep up the good work guys!
    Oh, and your outfit looks comfy for a humid Singapore weather! ;)

    xx from Tokyo,


  3. Love your amazing post and your adorable outfit, nice combo truly great match as well. Thank you for sharing, you look stunning!!!



  4. anything with SPF is very crucial when you're traveling!
    glad you had fun on your trip :)

    The Sweetest Escape

  5. You seem to have had a really good weekend. Love the photos.

    Inez | My Small World


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